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Are you Looking for an experienced and meticulous ceramic coating installer in the Heath Ohio area? Detail’d Mobile & Motorcycle Detailers is Heath Ohio’s #1 Ceramic Coating installer. With years of experience, we provide professional-grade Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction services.

Ceramic Coating

Shield your vehicle from harmful UV rays.

Safeguard against pollutants and debris from industrial areas.

Resist damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

Protect against corrosive effects of acid rain.

Prevent stains and etching from bird droppings.

Guard against sticky residue and damage from tree sap.

What is Ceramic Coating?

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating for cars is the latest trend in paint protection. Usually, when things get hyped they don’t last long but that’s not the case with ceramic coatings. They are here to stay and are changing the gloss game for good! Do you want to add a sacrificial layer of protection as well as superior shine? Get a free coating quote today.

Add years of protection with our SELF-HEALING Coatings! Get your free quote today.

Ceramic Coating

Excellent Ceramic Coating In Heath Ohio


At Detail’d Mobile Car and Motorcycle Detailing LLC, we’re committed to providing top-tier ceramic coating services that enhance and protect your vehicle inside and out. Our carefully selected ceramic coating options ensure optimal performance, longevity, and an impressive shine that will leave you amazed. Shielding your vehicle from harmful UV rays, environmental contaminants, and daily wear and tear, our professional-grade coatings keep your car looking pristine for longer while making maintenance a breeze. 

And it’s not just about the exterior – we offer interior ceramic coatings too, providing an extra layer of stain resistance for easy clean-ups and long-lasting protection. Elevate your driving experience with our premium ceramic coating services and enjoy the ultimate combination of shine, durability, and convenience.

What is the Ceramic Coating Process?

Finding the right car detailing service in Heath Ohio to install a ceramic coating on your vehicle can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. We want to make the process as simple as possible so you can protect your paint before it’s too late. Below is our meticulous ceramic coating process broken down in 5 steps.


Quality ceramic coatings require quality paint preparation. Step one is a triple decontamination wash with iron removal and a clay process


Once your vehicle is clean, we can get a better look at the condition of the paint and recommend the best course of action to suit your needs.


No two vehicles are the same so a customized defect removal plan is essential to achieving your desired results prior to coating.


Ceramic coating is a systematic process: timing and teamwork is everything. Then we wait for the coating to cure in a temperature controlled environment.


After the coating has had time to cure, a thorough quality control check is performed to ensure that all panels meet high standards. Our team will contact you to schedule your pickup and go over aftercare.


Most people select a package based on how long they plan to keep their vehicles. Select the package that best fits your ownership & request a quote. We will contact you to go over the condition of your paint & give you a customized quote with all of your options.


Highly Trained

Certified by Professional-Grade Coatings like IGL, System X & UndrDog

Paint Correction Experts


3 Year Ceramic


5 Year Ceramic


8 Year Ceramic

Can You Apply Coatings to Other Surfaces?

Yes, we offer ceramic coating add-ons for wheels, glass, undercarriage & even interior surfaces




Why Ceramic Coat Your Car or Motrocycle?

Today’s new vehicle finishes are made with environmentally-friendly water-based paints that are thinner, chip more easily. 

Protect your car’s finish with Ceramic Coat. It shields against environmental factors like bird droppings, acid rain, and UV rays while maintaining your vehicle’s appearance and value. Water-based paints are prone to damage, but Ceramic Coat offers extra protection for your paint, plastic, rubber trim, glass, chrome, and wheels. 


System X®

The unique formula of System X® Ceramic Protection locks in long-lasting beauty by keeping paint clean through its super slick properties – this new ceramic layer helps contaminants slide right off. The result? Greatly reduced time and expenses related to ongoing care and maintenance.

IGL Coatings

We Utilize Top-Tier IGL Ceramic Coating Products Available. The ceramic coating formulas provided by IGL Ceramic Coatings feature graphene-based nanotechnology that increase paint gloss, prevent the dulling and degradation of paint from the sun, and repel environmental and chemical contamination with high hydrophobicity.


A vital reason that we selected Undrdog as one of our ceramic coating providers is that they protect highway vehicles, off-road vehicles, and marine vehicles. Their products are highly hydrophobic, include some of the industry's best nanotechnology, and last for extensive periods of time on all services they are applied to.

Ceramic Coating Heath, OH

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Ceramic Coating


Paint correction is a meticulous process that involves removing imperfections from the vehicle’s paintwork, such as swirl marks, and oxidation. It restores the paint’s clarity and gloss, enhancing its overall appearance.

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to a vehicle’s exterior. It provides durable protection against environmental contaminants, UV rays, bird droppings, and more. It also creates a hydrophobic surface, making it easier to clean and maintain.

The longevity of a ceramic coating depends on various factors such as maintenance, environmental exposure, and the quality of the coating. Generally, our coatings provide protection for several years, ranging from 3 to 8 years or more.

A 1-step correction involves a single polishing stage to address minor imperfections (50-60% of scratches and swirls). In contrast, a 2-step correction is more comprehensive, involving multiple stages to tackle deeper scratches and defects (removes 70-90% of scratches and swirls).

Yes, ceramic coatings are suitable for various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. Our technicians assess the vehicle’s condition to determine the best application.

We recommend avoiding washing the vehicle for at least 7 days after the ceramic coating application to allow it to cure properly. After that period, gentle hand washing is preferable to maintain the coating’s integrity.

While a ceramic coating significantly reduces the need for waxing, regular maintenance such as gentle washing and periodic inspections are recommended to preserve its effectiveness.

Yes, we provide warranties on our services to ensure customer satisfaction. While there is no warranty for the paint correction process, our 5 and 8 year coatings come with a warranty and are reported to the vehicle’s CarFax.



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